Monday, August 18, 2008

Date: Saturday 16 August 2008
Location: The Mote
Sides: The Mote v. Sibton Park
Partner: Terry Lister

A real surprise in what should be my last match of the season. Sibton put up a modest total that never seemed enough - but The Mote gave away wicket after wicket and eventually fell over in a heap well short of the needed runs.

A few tricky LBWs, some given and some not. Ball hit the keepers' helmet on the ground for five penalty runs. And some of the Mote's players are deaf, so I had to be sure to look at them when explaining decisions!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Date: Saturday 26 July 2008
Location: Canterbury
Sides: Canterbury v. Folkestone
Partner: Graham Hall

A roasting day and no breeze at Polo Farm! High-scoring match - nearly 500 runs on the day. A tree inside the ground was worth four runs and we actually had to give this twice - once for a fielder who tossed the ball back through the branches and once for a towering hit that touched the top on its way over the boundary. A Folkestone player hit a century but it still wasn't enough to overcome the Canterbury total. No major decisions or problems.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Date: Saturday 19 July 2008
Location: Folkestone
Sides: Folkestone v. Sibton Park
Partner: Hugh Buckhurst

Nice weather and a good match, though Sibton never really seemed to be in it - batting indifferent, though they had one good left-arm bowler (who bowled very wide on the crease and got three back-foot no-balls, a bit of a surprise to all including me). Scorers said I didn't repeat signals soon enough for them but needed to keep an eye on the players - a couple of times thought ball was dead but had to look lively for sudden play.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Date: Sunday 13 July 2008
Location: Canterbury Polo Farm
Sides: Kent U13 v Hertfordshire U13
Partner: Hugh Buckhurst

Another fun, relaxed match. Helped that the outcome was rarely in doubt - Herts clearly outmatching Kent in all areas, posting a huge total and restricting runs with some very good bowling. Good spirit all round. Two tight decisions (LBW and stumping) but happy with both.

Back to notebook for recordkeeping, but made my own overs record which was very helpful.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Date: Saturday 5 July 2008
Location: Orpington
Sides: Orpington v. Bickley Park
Partner: David Lapthorn

Excellent match marred by a single incident that unfortunately required a report (the first one I've ever had to make). Bickley started very slowly but safely and looked well behind the pace at drinks, but recovered strongly and used up a few wickets at the end trying get one chap to 100 (he finished on 98 after some comical run-outs). Orpington had an excellent chance at the target - well ahead of Bickley's rate in early overs - but after the opening partnership was broken, no others emerged.

Tried an overs card for the first time - helpful to know the bowler's over count easily but no space for notes! Will try to get a less fussy notebook and replicate the over chart there. Missed the mechanical counter Ken lent me last time; hope to purchase one soon. Felt very relaxed and confident in decisions; really enjoyed the match thoroughly.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Date: Sunday 22 June 2008
Location: Canterbury Polo Farm
Sides: Kent U15 v. Surrey U15
Partner: Ken Amos

More good young bowling in Kent; someone is doing something right! Fabian Cowdrey (grandson of Colin, son of Chris) took eight wickets with some very accurate slow left-arm spin. Surrey batting certainly not impressive but I sure wouldn't have wanted to face this.

As usual, adults more of a problem than the kids. Several good LBWs. Strange given his family, but Cowdrey had never heard of the back-foot no-ball rule and had to adjust his delivery - obviously with no detriment to his bowling.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Date: Saturday 14 June 2008
Location: Orpington
Sides: Orpington v. Tenterden
Partner: Andrew Smith

Another low-scorer (does no one prepare flat tracks in this league?) with both teams apparently trying to bore each other out at first. Much better behaviour all round - one player walked, and another apologised promptly for some intemperate comments!

Two difficult stumping decisions, one each side; hard to see whether the foot is up or down at the right instant! A very nice LBW that I'm proud of getting right - low full toss swinging away, striking the batsman bang on leg and hitting middle.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Date: Saturday 31 May 2008
Location: Tenterden
Sides: Tenterden v. The Mote
Partner: Graeme Hall

An exciting, low-scoring match on a very slow, turning pitch. One left-armer was pitching well behind the batsman and nearly hit the stumps! At one point it looked to be drying out but then the clouds came over again and we have five maidens in a row. Many chances put down.

Some over-vigorous appealing and too much chat to the batsmen. Some difficult caught-behind calls but I'm pretty confident I got them right.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Folkestone v. Canterbury

Date: Saturday 24 May 2008
Location: Folkestone County Ground
Sides: Folkestone v. Canterbury
Partner: Martin Seguss

A much more difficult match! Cold for a start, with a very strong wind - we dispensed with bails in the end. And the Appointments Secretary was assessing on the boundary to boot. Pitch disappointingly slow and outfield overgrown - barely 320 runs for the day. Excellent to have the scoreboard continuously updated - made scoring much easier. Unfortunate to see argumentative dissent from a captain - a word after the match seemed to have a positive effect.

Ken suggested I stand up not crouch and step back further from the action when time allows. I felt I was not always in position quickly enough and once or twice went to the wrong side though it is hard to decide these when play develops quickly!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Folkestone v. Whitstable

Date: Saturday 10 May 2008
Location: Folkestone County Ground
Sides: Folkestone v. Whitstable
Partner: Bob Chappell

First match of the season, played in a very good spirit. A big change from Cheshire, seeing paid players and even some from overseas! Also the fielding circle and over rate were new - I let Bob worry about these mostly this time, as I had enough going on at my end! Four difficult LBWs but I'm confident I got them right. Some very disappointed Folkestone players on a caught behind that came off the arm, but I have to give them as I see them. In the end Folkestone won in the penultimate over after nearly letting Whitstable get away.

Scoring somewhat better, but still hard to keep up. Once bowler changed action while we were moving the sightscreen and someone asked for number of balls and over rate - far too much to do at once!

No improvement suggestions from Bob, who was encouraging.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kent U13 v. Kent U13

Date: Sunday 4 May 2008
Location: Canterbury Polo Farm
Sides: Kent U13 versus ... Kent U13!
Partner: Hugh Buckhurst

A practise match for the Kent U13 boys. A beautiful day and some very good play, including one excellent young leg-spinner named Green and a very fast bowler (unfortunately lacking control) whose name I didn't catch. Had to introduce players to some of the rules including wicketkeeper encroachment and back-foot no-balls. Lots of running down the pitch but in this way they are no different to the adults.

Need to improve my scoring - I never seem to keep up with what's on the board.

Hugh suggested I should call wides more loudly when repeating for the scorer to help him keep count.