Monday, May 26, 2008

Folkestone v. Canterbury

Date: Saturday 24 May 2008
Location: Folkestone County Ground
Sides: Folkestone v. Canterbury
Partner: Martin Seguss

A much more difficult match! Cold for a start, with a very strong wind - we dispensed with bails in the end. And the Appointments Secretary was assessing on the boundary to boot. Pitch disappointingly slow and outfield overgrown - barely 320 runs for the day. Excellent to have the scoreboard continuously updated - made scoring much easier. Unfortunate to see argumentative dissent from a captain - a word after the match seemed to have a positive effect.

Ken suggested I stand up not crouch and step back further from the action when time allows. I felt I was not always in position quickly enough and once or twice went to the wrong side though it is hard to decide these when play develops quickly!

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