Sunday, July 6, 2008

Date: Saturday 5 July 2008
Location: Orpington
Sides: Orpington v. Bickley Park
Partner: David Lapthorn

Excellent match marred by a single incident that unfortunately required a report (the first one I've ever had to make). Bickley started very slowly but safely and looked well behind the pace at drinks, but recovered strongly and used up a few wickets at the end trying get one chap to 100 (he finished on 98 after some comical run-outs). Orpington had an excellent chance at the target - well ahead of Bickley's rate in early overs - but after the opening partnership was broken, no others emerged.

Tried an overs card for the first time - helpful to know the bowler's over count easily but no space for notes! Will try to get a less fussy notebook and replicate the over chart there. Missed the mechanical counter Ken lent me last time; hope to purchase one soon. Felt very relaxed and confident in decisions; really enjoyed the match thoroughly.

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