Sunday, June 22, 2008

Date: Sunday 22 June 2008
Location: Canterbury Polo Farm
Sides: Kent U15 v. Surrey U15
Partner: Ken Amos

More good young bowling in Kent; someone is doing something right! Fabian Cowdrey (grandson of Colin, son of Chris) took eight wickets with some very accurate slow left-arm spin. Surrey batting certainly not impressive but I sure wouldn't have wanted to face this.

As usual, adults more of a problem than the kids. Several good LBWs. Strange given his family, but Cowdrey had never heard of the back-foot no-ball rule and had to adjust his delivery - obviously with no detriment to his bowling.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Date: Saturday 14 June 2008
Location: Orpington
Sides: Orpington v. Tenterden
Partner: Andrew Smith

Another low-scorer (does no one prepare flat tracks in this league?) with both teams apparently trying to bore each other out at first. Much better behaviour all round - one player walked, and another apologised promptly for some intemperate comments!

Two difficult stumping decisions, one each side; hard to see whether the foot is up or down at the right instant! A very nice LBW that I'm proud of getting right - low full toss swinging away, striking the batsman bang on leg and hitting middle.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Date: Saturday 31 May 2008
Location: Tenterden
Sides: Tenterden v. The Mote
Partner: Graeme Hall

An exciting, low-scoring match on a very slow, turning pitch. One left-armer was pitching well behind the batsman and nearly hit the stumps! At one point it looked to be drying out but then the clouds came over again and we have five maidens in a row. Many chances put down.

Some over-vigorous appealing and too much chat to the batsmen. Some difficult caught-behind calls but I'm pretty confident I got them right.